Detectable Din D-Rings


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Metal Detectable DIN D-Rings (often called Milk Couplings) are perfect for machinery requiring a D-Ring style of Gasket. Made of a high-performance EPDM material that includes both ferromagnetic and high atomic elements making it detectable by both Metal Detection Systems and X-Ray Visible systems. Uses FDA approved material that is perfect for use in food manufacturing facilities.
Dual Detectable by Metal Detection and X-Ray Visibility
Colored Blue for visual detection
EPDM Material is resitant to hydraulic oils, steam, and acids
Has Excellent resistance to weathering
Temperature Range:  -40°C to 140°C  (-40°F to 284°F)
FDA and EU Approved
A special ferromagnetic additive is evenly dispersed within the material to make it detectable by properly functioning Metal Detection Systems
Specific atomic elements have been evenly distributed within the material to make it visible to X-Ray systems.