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Do you have a minimum Order?

No we do not have a dollar amount minimum to place an Order. Order as little or as much as you would like.
We may have minimum quantity amounts for custom and/or specialty items.

What Shipping Methods do you offer?

We ship using UPS, Golden State Overnight, and local carriers for large freight items.

What are your Shipping Charges?

Our shipping charges are the rates charged to us by the carriers. We ship using the lowest carrier to your destination. We do not make any money off of the shipping charges.

When will my Order Ship?

As soon as possible. If we receive the Order by 2 PM Pacific Standard Time we will ship out the same day. Shipment delivery times will vary by your location.

What is your Return Policy?

30 Days

Any stock item purchased from Blue Supply Company may be returned within 30 Calendar Days of the Purchase Date. The product must be:

  • In “Resellable Condition” meaning no cosmetic wear and tear that would inhibit the ability of BSC to resell the product. Items with consumable material (ex. Pens with ink) must have minimal use.
  • Must include the original packaging container.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping charges to send back to BSC
  • Items returned due to defects will be fully reimbursed for the both the product and reasonable shipping charges after inspection and confirmation of defects.

Contact us at or call (1-562-386-2723) to arrange for an RMA. Please write the RMA and Order number on the Outside of the box.

How do I get a quote?

Great question. Contact us at or call 1-562-386-2723 for a quote on any items including stock and/or speciality items. We pride ourselves in being able to source quality products at reasonable prices. Nothing is too challenging.

I noticed the “Also Available” sections on some of the products pages. What does that mean?

It means you are very observant. Many of the products we carry have more options that our manufacturers provide but that we do not necessarily stock yet. For example our Retractable Pens have more options in body colors and ink colors. If you are interested in some of the options noted then please contact us at to get pricing and availability. We have the option to bring these in with our stock shipments or have them shipped directly to your from the manufacturer. Minimums and lead times will vary.

If one of these options becomes a consistent item for you then we can add the items to our stock for your convenience.

What Payment Types do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), personal or corporate checks, and debit cards that do not require a PIN number.

We also can extend Net 30 Payment Terms to qualify customers. To inquire about Net 30 Terms please fill out our Credit Application , sign, scan, and send to

Is ordering from your website Secure?

Absolutely. We partner with Stripe Payment Services for our Payment Gateways to ensure an easy and secure order. You don’t have to take our word for it. You can visit our partners website to review their procedures for keeping your information safe and secure:

What is a detectable product?

A detectable product is any item that has been modified so that it and its pieces can be easily identified by industrial metal detectors and x-ray systems.

Why are detectable products used?

Detectable products are primarily used by the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics industries to reduce the risk of foreign body contamination in products to protect the consumers. By making high-risk items detectable by the metal and x-ray detection systems in place the potential for contamination is substantially reduced.

How detectable are your products?

Materials are made detectable by evenly dispersing metallic additives throughout. X-ray visibility is achieved through the use of high-density additives. Where it is not possible to make the entire product/material detectable, foil strips or metal clasps can be incorporated to make a product partially detectable.

How detectable are your products?

Our plastics and rubbers are very detectable and contain enough metallic content to make them jump to a magnet. However, their detectability is very much dependant on the sensitivity of your metal detector or x-ray inspection system. Different aperture sizes, line speeds, food types and packaging types all have an impact on the sensitivity of your inspection system. The more sensitive your system, the smaller the piece of detectable product you will be able to identify. Testing in your own environment is highly recommended.

Are all of your products both metal detectable and x-ray detectable?

When possible yes. We try to carry items that are detectable by both systems but this is not always possible. While the presence of metal content in our products does make them metal detectable this does not always mean they will be x-ray detectable as well. The rule of thumb is when you aren’t sure, please check. We have provided the detectability information on every product page. There are also data sheets available that will contain this information in our Resources page.