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Fully Detectable Counter Brush

  • Fully Detectable Counter Brush for Flat Surfaces
  • Metal Detectable Bristles to reduce contamination risk
  • Features Fully Detectable Handle
  • Bristles are Moulded-In to keep them securely in the Brush
  • Stiff Bristles
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  • Fully Detectable Counter Brush

    Color: Blue 

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Additional Info

The Hill Brush Fully Detectable Counter Brush is a versatile All-Purpose brush with a 12 inch handle for cleaning worktops, counters, and flat surfaces. The handle and bristles are both Fully Detectable by In-Line Metal Detection systems to ensure that all parts of the brush will be detected incase it is misplaced. FeaturesHill Brush's moulded in bristles to ensure they do not separate from the brush during use.  The gripped handle ensures proper grip in oily and wet environments. This Fully Detectable Counter Brush is your go-to when you need an all-purpose brush for cleaning workstations and other flat surfaces.
FDA Approved
Metal Detectable Bristles are a Polyester material with a ferromagnetic additive to ensure detection by properly functioning metal detection systems.
The handle is made out of a Polypropylene material that includes a ferromagnetic additive that ensures it is detectable by properly functioning metal detection system.
Head Width: 1.38 Inches
Head Height: 5 Inches
Total Length: 12 Inches
Max Usage Temperature: 174 ℉
Min Usage Temperature: 0 ℉
Hill Brush: B861RESMDX