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Metal Detectable Mini-Paring Knife

  • Made of high-quality Stainless Steel Blades
  • Detectable handle ensures easy detection by food safety systems
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Custom options available to meet your needs. Request at:
Item # Body Color Ink Color Pack QTY Price Per Unit Add to Cart
1 5 10
#D2007B 3" Mini-Paring Plain Edge Blue 1 $13.00 $12.00 $11.00
#D2008B 4" Mini-Paring Plain Edge Blue 1 $14.00 $13.00 $12.00
  • Body Color: 3" Mini-Paring Plain Edge

    Ink Color: Blue 

    Starts at $13.00

    Price Break Qty Price
    1 $13.00
    5 $12.00
    10 $11.00

    Sold in pack quantities of 1

  • Body Color: 4" Mini-Paring Plain Edge

    Ink Color: Blue 

    Starts at $14.00

    Price Break Qty Price
    1 $14.00
    5 $13.00
    10 $12.00

    Sold in pack quantities of 1

Additional Colors are Available: Let us know what you're looking for at

Additional Info

Our Metal Detectable Mini-Parer is used when you need a smarter and finer cut than a cooks knife can provide. Perfect for skinning vegetables or dicing small vegetables. They are manufactured out of Sheffield England which is renowned worldwide for their quality steel and craftsmanship. This knife features a Stainless Steel Blade available in Standard, Straight, and Pointed. The handle features BST's XDetect material which is fully detectable by foreign contaminant systems featuring either a metal detector or x-ray visibility. The handle is also shatter resistant and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. There are multiple additional colors available. Please inquire at for our additional offerings.
FDA and EU
A metal detectable product is made fully from detectable materials and has the potential to be detected on most industrial metal detection systems. These materials are metallic and plastic with special ferromagnetic additives.
An x-ray visible product is made fully from x-ray visible materials. The plastic material includes a special hi-density additive.
Made from XDetect plastic that is designed not to shatter or snap. This material makes food production items safer and reduces the risk of foreign body contamination to your product. See for youself with this video of BST hitting an XDetect plastic Pen with a hammer multiple times: BST Shatterproof Test
BST: KN4450 BST Metal Detectable Mini-Parer Knife