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Detectable Reusable Sleeve Covers

  • Extends the protection of the Gloves
  • Metal Detectable & X-Ray Visible
  • Extremely Durable - Tear Resistant and Abrasion Proof
  • Machine Washable up to 194° F
  • Ultra Lightweight Material for all day comfort
  • Uncuffed for easy overlapping with Nitrile Gloves
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  • Detectable TPU Sleeve Covers

    Size: 18" 

    Color: Blue 

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Additional Info

Our TPU Detectable Reusable Sleeve Covers are perfect for cost-conscious food manufacturers looking to reduce their contamination risks from their PPE with a reusable option. It extends the protection of the gloves up to the elbow from liquids including water, oil, acids, detergents, etc. The durability protects your product from the potential of pieces breaking off and making it into the food. In case it does, the TPU Material features dual detectability by both Metal Detection and X-Ray Visibility systems, making it safe for use in any production environment.  The material will function properly in environments as cold as -85°F to 194°F making it ideal for any area of the plant. This machine-washable TPU Detectable Reusable Sleeve Covers will help reduce your costs through reusability and protect your food by reducing contamination risks.  
FDA Approved
EU Approved
The TPU Material includes a ferromagnetic additive that allows it to be detectable by properly functioning Metal Detection Systems.
The TPU Material also includes a certain density additive that resonates on X-Ray Visibility Systems.
Resists Animal Fats, Animal Oils, Water, Strong Detergents, Acides, & Alkaline LiquidsMachine
Washable up to 194°F and resistance corrosion with strong detergents
18 Inches