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Fully Detectable Broom

  • Fully Detectable 12IN Broom Head
  • Metal Detectable & X-Ray Visible Block and Bristles
  • Bristles are Resin-Set to keep them safely secured
  • Features Medium Stiff Polyester Bristles
  • Recommended Handle: D4014B
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#D4025B 12" Fully Detectable Broom Head Blue $84.00 $82.00 $80.00
  • 12" Fully Detectable Broom Head

    Color: Blue 

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Additional Info

The Fully Detectable Broom Brush is a must-have when you're cleaning high risk areas and you need the safest tool possible with the lowest potential contamination risk. Hill Brush's Fully Detectable Broom is your tool of choice since it has two levels of defense: First, its bristles are fastened to the broom block using their Resin-Set technology.  Second, every inch of the brush has a metal detectable and x-ray visible additive ensuring that they will get rejected if they enter into the product. Pair with our Aluminum handle that includes a metal detectable grip, and you have an excellent tool for cleaning those troublesome areas that require an added level of protection.
Made of FDA Compliant Materials
Material: PolypropyleneBroo
Fill Material: Polyester - Straight
Filament Retention: Resin Set
Stiffness: Medium
Max Usage Temperature: 174 ℉
Min Usage Temperature: 0 ℉
Length: 12 in
Width: 3 in
Height: 5 in
Weight: 1.73 lb
Detectable and density additive within the Polypropylene block and the Polyester bristles gives off a ferro-magnetic signature that ensure their detectability by properly functioning foreign body prevention Metal Detectors and/or X-Ray Machines