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Detectable UHMW-PE Rods

  • Dual Detectable - Metal Detection & X-Ray Visible

  • Easily Machined into a wide variety of Custom Applications

  • Suitable for very low temperatures (-260 Degrees)

  • Incredibly versatile material capable in the harshest production environments

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Additional Info

Metal Detectable UHMW-PE Rods are made specifically for the Food Manufacturing and Food Processing industry. The high-speed and high-stakes of food manufacturing environments requires plastic materials that can handle the abuse, the cleanliness requirements, and reassurance of easy detection if pieces break off and make their way into the food. Can be used in multiple settings like bearings, bushes, scrapers, rollers, machined parts, etc.
FDA and EU Directive 2002/72 EC Standards
A special ferromagnetic additive provides dual detectability by both Metal Detection systems and X-Ray Visibility Systems
Blue and Grey
Approved for Direct Food Contact
Strong Wear Resistance
Excellent Impact Resistance
Acid & Corrosion Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Vibration & Noise Dampening
Self Lubricating (great as a bearing)
Cost Effective