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X-Ray & Metal Detector Thermoform Test Cards


Product Description

Ships within 24 hours of your Order to ensure the quickest possible delivery to your door. Heavy Duty X-Ray and Metal Detector Thermoform Test Cards are perfect for ensuring the proper functioning of your foreign body contaminate prevention system in wet, humid, and hot environments. Constructed with food grade polyethylene (PETG) to form a tight and solid structure around the metal to protect against wear and tear in harsh environments. The test cards are mostly clear to easily see through them to their environments but also include a color coded highlighted border for easy visual identification of the contaminant they contain. The material is approved for food contact by the FDA and USDA. A Certificate of Conformity is included with purchase with the reference number engraved on the test piece for easy identification. Custom options are possible if you require a different card size,  contaminate size, and/or multi-cards than what we have available. Please inquire at and we will be happy to assist you.

Additional Info

2.5 x 4.25" CardsFood Contact
Approved for both FDA and USDA food contact
Constructed from a transparent food grade polyethylene that is invisible to x-ray machines
Certificates of Conformity are included with purchase. Reference numbers are engraved on the test pieces for easy identification.
Ferrous - Red
Non-Ferrous - Green
Stainless Steel 316 - Blue
Cermanic - Purple
Aluminum - Light Green
Soda-Lime Glass - Yellow
Metal Detectors
X-Ray Visibility