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Detectable Neoprene Sheeting

  • Can be made into seals, gaskets, belts, fingers, etc

  • FDA Approved for Direct Food Contact

  • Suitable for environments with -13℉ to 248℉ temperatures

  • Highly visible BLUE color for easy visual identification

  • Supplied in 1.2m width x 1m length up to 20m total length

Can be customized to your unique needs. Let us know what you are looking for below

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Additional Info

Our Metal Detectable Neoprene Rubber contains an evenly dispersed metal detectable additive that is designed to be set off metal detection systems when pieces have broken away. The highly visible blue makes it easy for operators to visually identify potential contaminants as well .It's widely used in Food Production due to it's versatility. It can function properly in -13℉ to 248℉ and resist common degradants like oil, water, acid, etc. Also features excellent weathering resistance.
The neoprene compound contains a special ferromagnetic additive that allows it to be detected by properly functioning metal detectable systems. It's important to test the material to ensure that it will be properly detected by the settings within your unique system.
FDA Approved for Direct Food Contact
3-4 Working Days after receipt of Order