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Detectable Single Blank Retaining Clips

  • Detectable Retaining Clip for Depanner Belts
  • Metal Detectable and X-Ray Visible
  • AntiBacterial to protect against Bacterial traps
  • Retainer Depth: 7.5MM
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  • Single Blank Retaining Clip

    Pack QTY: 100 

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    1 $75.00
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Additional Info

The BST Detectable Single Blank Retaining Clips are a safe option for securing suction cups securely to your Depanner Belts. The speed and heat of the depanning process creates wear and tear on the suction cups and retaining clips. These Retaining Clips are both Metal Detectable and X-Ray visible to ensure that, should they fail and detach, they will be detached ensuring they do not contaminate the product. They're an essential piece to a properly functioning depanning operation.
FDA Approved
EU Approved
Kosher Certified
Halal Certified 2020
The Plastic compound contains a ferromagnetic additive that allows the Retaining Clips to be Detectable by properly functioning Metal Detection systems.
The Clips are made of a plastic compound that includes a special density additive that makes it visible to foreign body contaminant prevention systems using X-Ray.
The Material is made from a plastic that incorporates Steritouch Silver-Ion Additives. This technology makes the material AntiMicrobial (AntiBacterial, AntiViral, AntiFungal, etc) for the entire lifespan of the protect. It protects against pathogenic viruses, germs, and moulds such as E-Coli, MRSA, and Salmonella.