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Detectable Stapleless Stapler

  • Replaces traditional Staples with Paper Folds
  • Metal Detectable and X-Ray Visible
  • Shatterproof to decrease contamination risks
  • Reduces the risk of contamination from Staples
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#D7004B Detectable Stapleless Stapler 9 X 12.5" $10.00 $9.00 $8.00
  • Detectable Stapleless Stapler

    Size: 9 X 12.5" 

    Starts at $10.00

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    1 $10.00
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    10 $8.00

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Additional Info

Our Metal Detectable Stapler is designed specifically to be used in food manufacturing settings. It actually doesn't use any staples at all. Rather it cuts and creates a crimp in the stack of paper that acts to hold the stack together in a similar fashion to staples. You'll achieve the same function of a staple without the risk of having staples near the product. Additionally, it's made of XDetect material that is Metal Detectable, X-Ray Visible, and Shatter-Resistant to reduce the risk of it contaminating the food.
FDA and EU
The XDetect compound includes a special formula of ferromagnetic additives that allow it to be detected by food inspection systems using metal detectors.
XDetect Plastic Compound is made with a special density additive to make it visible to Foreign Contaminant Prevention Systems using X-Ray.
Made from a plastic that is designed not to shatter or snap. These materials make food production items safer and reduce the risk of foreign body contamination to your product. See for youself with this video of BST hitting a pen made of this material with a hammer multiple times: BST Shatterproof Test
BST: ST3SP52DB BST Stapleless Stapler